Rosary of Liberation


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Rosary of Liberation


The Rosary of Liberation has sold over 2, 8000, 000 copies in many different languages. The rosary is based on the Word of God and should be prayed with faith for the glorification of the powerful name of jesus Christ our Lord and asking Him for healing, salvation and liberation.

We can pray the Rosary of Liberation for those God has put in our heart. we should, however, first pray for ourselves that we may be purified in the Blood of Jesus, praying: Jesus have mercy on me! only in this way will we be open channels for the grace of God...


Author Regis Castro
Condition Brand New
Year Published 1994

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Redemptorist Catholic Bookshop, Jubilee Centre (Next to archbishop's office), Central Business District, No. 42 Livingstone Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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